COLD STAR TECH At the Intersection of Compliance Cultures, Time-Sensitive Missions, and Desire To Be The Best.
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Cold Star Tech offers these courses on space topics:

NEW! Startup Founders Workshop — 8-hour recording plus worksheets…THE training for startup founders who want to know what a real business looks like (Hint: it’s not about your technology!)

Smallsat Mission Success Course

1st and 2nd “Make Space Boring” virtual conferences course recordings (Now FREE)

Cold Star Tech is also a Bronze level supporter of the Operational Excellence Society, and through that body provides a proven Learning Management System with courses on Lean Six Sigma, process improvement, etc. used by many high level and prestigious organizations of 1000+ staff. Book a call with us to discuss.

Sales On Fire, an 8-year-proven sales training program for space founders and business development executives. You can sign up for a free introductory video series here. If you want to buy the program, book a call to speak with us.

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