COLD STAR TECH At the Intersection of Compliance Cultures, Time-Sensitive Missions, and Desire To Be The Best.
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Cold Star Tech offers these courses on space topics:

NEW! Startup Founders Workshop — 7-hour recording plus worksheets…THE training for startup founders who want to know what a real business looks like (Hint: it’s not about your technology!). Sharing exactly what you need to succeed as a commercial business. Get it now and refer to the course at your leisure.

Smallsat Mission Success Course

1st and 2nd “Make Space Boring” virtual conferences course recordings (Now FREE)

Cold Star Tech is also a Bronze level supporter of the Operational Excellence Society, and through that body provides a proven Learning Management System with courses on Lean Six Sigma, process improvement, etc. used by many high level and prestigious organizations of 1000+ staff. Book a call with us to discuss.

Sales On Fire, an 8-year-proven sales training program for space founders and business development executives. You can sign up for a free introductory video series here. If you want to buy the program, book a call to speak with us.

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