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Cubesat Manufacturing Process Engineering

A cubesat project that fails in its mission is the experience you’re trying to avoid.

If Mission Failure is your result, it’ll be a lot harder to get support next time. And it turns out, without the right processes in place, you might learn nothing from the bad experience.

Yet the cubesat failure rate over the past decade and a half is over 40%.

That’s after we remove the 6% or so for launch vehicle failure, which is a more conservative figure from a different study than the chart below is from.

smallsat cubesat manufacturing process improvement mission failure rate
from a 2018 NASA Study on Cubesat Failures


Cubesat manufacturing is shifting. What was a “job shop” approach is moving towards a continuous manufacturing operation.

For commercial AND academic satellite manufacturing organizations demanding to be the best with operational excellence, Cold Star Tech gets you to the desired result of Mission Success with long-proven, co-creative processes and systems for:

  • scope definition and protection
  • sponsor engagement
  • project and quality management
  • time and motion studies
  • data collection and analysis
  • structured problem solving rather than “winging it”.

By leveraging our in-field manufacturing and operations improvement experience, we’ll keep you out of serious problems you didn’t know you’d have.

We are a Bronze level supporter of the Operational Excellence society, and our founder is on its Board of Advisors.



If you’re unsure what space law and regulatory topics you need to make sure are covered, come talk to us at Cold Star Tech. We have the arrangements in place with UK and US regulatory space lawyers to get you an affordable and comprehensive assessment of your situation. Clear up the confusion and know what you have to do to move forward in #space compliance.

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