COLD STAR TECH At the Intersection of Compliance Cultures, Time-Sensitive Missions, and Desire To Be The Best.
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Data Science and OSINT

The field of data science, using supervised and unsupervised machine learning / AI methodologies, is growing fast.

Cold Star Tech works with highly experienced data scientists, some with complimentary roles at other major companies and universities, to bring you deep insights from the data you’ve been collecting.

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When you’re ready to save money, capitalize on market opportunities, or open new revenue streams, talk to us about solving problems in:

  • supply network analysis and supply chain security
  • distribution channel profitability
  • differential market basket analysis & predictive buyer behavior
  • intelligence gathering for comparative data between you and competition or between business units
  • brand protection by preemptive threat discovery.

We can extract insights from the data you already have—and require far fewer data points to be effective than you may have imagined.

When you’re eager for specific Market/Brand Threat, Internal analysis or External Competitive Threat information, our intelligence officers will bring it to you by using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques.

Tell us about your situation so we can see if we’re a fit: click here.

And if your organization is ready to find out just how ready it is for operational excellence, get the Red Team Experience.

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