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Innovative Capture

Space & Defense Contractors: Designing Innovative Bid Capture Processes With You

Are you a space or defense founder at the $30-100MM level and tired of losing bids? Do you know you’re lacking an effective capture strategy…one linked to your financial plans? For innovative bidding strategies that drive your business and make your people look good, talk to us at Cold Star Tech.

Can we do satellite design? Yes. Can we do manufacturing and business process improvement, installing systems and processes and helping you reach operational excellence? Yes, we do that, too. But our primary gift to you is the massive in-field advantage you get in developing an innovative capture strategy with us. Finally, you’ll know what you’re bidding on and why. You and your people will know exactly what you’re going to do next and why.

We’ll help you make your promises believable…and then help you keep those promises.

Is your goal simply to fiscally grow? To exit by being acquired by a prime? To participate in an IPO? Cold Star Tech supports your space or defense firm to achieve this goal in focused commercialization efforts by developing your innovative bid capture strategy with you.

We guide you and your people through a proven process, defining your:

  • competitive intelligence gathering process
  • true competitive advantage
  • customer acquisition process including bidding plan reflecting fiscal goals
  • proposal structure with pricing strategy
  • human resources requirements to execute the plan.

Get Your True Business Development Strategy

You’ll have clarity, focus and methodology. Gone will be muddy thinking, “bidding on everything”, trying to capture only whales, or not knowing why you won or lost. You and your people will feel better, look better and perform better because of this bid capture strategy.

Alternately, ask about our Innovation Workshop delivered over either five straight days or spread out over nine or ten weeks. Our leaders take you through exercises that:

  • get rid of assumptions blocking your growth
  • engage you in valuable scenario planning in the marketplace
  • illuminate Edge and Core growth opportunities for your organization
  • drive team-based business model canvas analysis for innovative prototyping

    all bringing you to full understanding of “what should we do now”.

Pick a time to speak with us:


SBIRs, STTRs and OTAs: Developing Your Path To Commercialization

All SBIRs & STTRs and some OTAs have the requirement of demonstrating your path to commercialization. If you are struggling to communicate your commercial value as you work on bridging the gap from TRL 3 to 7 we can solve that serious problem with you. We don’t give assessments and then leave you stranded⏤we solve the problems alongside and for you.

Did you know you can get SBIR/STTR funding for TABA (Technical & Business Assistance)? Check out the funding levels and requirements here.

Do You Recognize These Indicators Of Being Ready For A Space Or Defense Commercial Business Strategy?

As the leader of your space or defense firm, do you:

  • Worry about the extreme risk of relying on a single customer who is often slow to pay or temporarily unable to pay
  • Seek to develop another, stable and financially rewarding revenue source from solvent buyers who pay their bills on time
  • Recognize that the approach to commercial sales is completely different than defense or government selling, not just on a process & tasks level but even on a values & intention level
  • Admit that you really won’t even try to do this without expert support because you feel time-constrained, even if you firmly believe it’s a good idea
  • Know you have unused production capacity in your existing plant you’d like to turn into revenue
  • Want to create more production capacity, without necessarily having to jump through the heavy compliance hoops required by government when opening a new factory
  • Historically produce slightly non-compliant products that, while not quite meeting government requirements, would meet or even well exceed civilian requirements and allow you to avoid expensive rework?

The all-too-common truth is those defense contractor Presidents and CEOs who recognize the risk and instability of relying on one customer and want to develop a commercial side to their business are still unlikely to move on the idea. Why? Without guidance and support it’s scary, different and has too many unknowns.

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Areas we provide focused expertise to solve commercial space & defense business problems are:

  • Business Development & Outreach
  • Business Process & Systems Improvement
  • Innovation & Growth
  • Manufacturing Process Design & Improvement
  • Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Programs
  • Positioning, Marketing & Sales
  • Services Concept & Fulfillment Design
  • Space Industry Recruitment
  • Strategy & Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain Optimization.

Each process we develop and install with you is designed to solve a distinct problem or create a specific system to help you and your business grow, enabling you to make real change in your business and be confident in the results.

We are here to help you understand what you need to build the business you want. It’s your opportunity to discuss what’s challenging you most in your business. Schedule a time for us to speak now and see if we can give you the answers you’re looking for:

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