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How This Software CEO Who Was Hiring So Many People He Kept Running Out of Room Almost Screwed Up -

And Then Used Process Control to Ignite Growth and Scale to $50 Million

"We had huge cash reserves. We had great margins. Cash flow wasn't our problem. Finding talent fast enough... and running up against the limits of physical space we had to put them in... those were our problems. And my time. My time as the chief executive was tied up explaining the same stuff to new people, over and over again."

That's what the retired CEO of a $50 million software company - a firm that experienced 40 straight quarters of consecutive growth - was telling me.

This is the language of rapid growth.

And when you're scaling fast, it's easy to drop the ball on some key things.

"We'd move to a larger facility thinking, 'Okay, this'll last us a couple years,' but within a few months we'd be full again. So we built our own building believing we'd never use all the space. "Before long, we'd expanded the building until we were landlocked and busting at the seams. I even tasked a guy in our operations department to achieve 'Maximum Cubosity'... to figure out how to fit as many cubicles in the space as possible until we could move into our one-hundred fifty thousand square foot complex that was under construction."

The CEO, Stephen, stopped to laugh. Crazy problems, right?

But let's get back to something even more serious. Something Stephen mentioned and at first seemed to gloss over, but soon returned to and got mad about.

"It was so stupid! I had a business to run... and yet there I was, explaining 'the big picture' to every new employee who came in the door as we grew from 7 to 350 people!"

Why was this chief executive tying up his time with this activity? It seems important: after all, you want your staff to be clear on the big picture, the role played by the department they're joining, and how they fit into their specific role. They can't get that from the mission statement alone.

But Why? Why was he forced to dispense this same info again and again and again?

Because nothing was written down.

Instead of getting out in front of and leading the growth, Stephen found himself caught up in and trying to manage symptoms of it.

What was the cause? What was missing? What resulted in him feeling this was what he had to spend his time doing?

Lack of written processes and procedures.

If Stephen had had a department manual, he could have said a quick "Hello" to the new employee... handed them the binder (or had someone else had it to them)... and gone on about his chief executive business.

Eventually he did figure this out.

Stephen hired an operations specialist to flowchart his company's processes. This expert patiently sat down with each employee, and interviewed them about what they did. The process expert knew what questions to ask to understand where and how the worker fit in to the big picture, and the steps in which they did what they did.

This documentation was combined into the department manual. The company got full control of what they did and how they did it...

... and Stephen didn't have to waste his valuable time explaining the same things over and over again to new employees.

He could concentrate on leading that tremendous growth.

Does some of this story sound familiar?

You'll notice the clear sense that the company had a much easier time scaling once the processes were written down. Would you like me to show you how scaling quickly can be made much easier, and executives' time freed up from tasks they might have not even known they oughtn't to be doing?

I'm happy to help you design a custom process control plan for your business, to:

That way you'll have full clarity on who does what and how they're doing it. With certainty, clarity, and excellence in process control you'll be able to move from managing people to managing processes, which gives you a lot more control as you scale. There's no cost or obligation to this.

I offer this free service because we're a process engineering firm and we help tech companies exclusively. And there's a good possibility we'll identify opportunities for improvement in your existing processes. So if you find value in the help I give you, you might want us to work with you on documenting and improving those processes.

With that said, please understand this isn't a sales pitch in disguise. I promise not to pressure you; in fact, if you feel I've wasted your time, let me know and we'll fully document and optimize a key process of yours at no charge to you to demonstrate the power and results of doing so.

Just a moment, though—before you go any further, you need to know I can't help everybody. I can only be of benefit to people whose companies are technology firms, earning over $2,000,000 revenue, with $400,000+ in cash reserves, and ready to make it a priority for our process experts to interview your staff if we choose to work together.

Here's what you do next. If you want to schedule a planning session with me, simply click the link below and book a time. I leave it up to you to self-qualify so we can use our time effectively.

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