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“Make Space Boring” Virtual Conference

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Noon – 4:10PM US Eastern Standard Time

This is a special page for university students only.

“Hi, I’m Jason Kanigan, the founder of Cold Star Tech…a process engineering and data science company, and producer of over 100 podcast episodes on space engineering, innovation and management. The 1:1 time we get to spend with creative thought leaders in our field should not be a victim of the health crisis currently concerning all of us.

“That led me to the commitment to host the first ever ‘Make Space Boring’ Virtual Conference.

“It will be virtual, hosted on Zoom, featuring speakers who are shaping the future of the space industry. Each will speak for about 20 minutes, with a 10 minute Q&A afterward.

“This is your chance to hear and meet individuals, some with companies and some from academia, who are pursuing powerful transformational abilities in the space field. If you’re a student, hear the words of a Caltech space PhD candidate, who told me: ‘Conferences are often very specific to the research we are doing and tend to be mostly academia oriented. [Yours will] bring in the real life application prospective, and give insights into how the space industry works and how the space sector is shaped. I think this is a very important view to have for “research” people that tend sometimes to forget about the actual implementation and application.’

This is your chance to get a space industry snapshot briefing from highly experienced professionals in the field. And if you’ll be looking for a job in space soon, what these speakers share will be invaluable to you.

“Check out the speaker lineup below…and join us if you’re as excited as I am. See you there!” -Jason


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Event Speakers

Dr. Rick Fleeter – Unexpected Consequences In Smallsat Design

A pioneer in the introduction of microspace since the 1970s, Dr. Fleeter has developed over 25 successful smallsats. As technical engineering advisor at Cold Star and professor at Brown University and La Sapienza, he brings all that experience with The Unexpected in satellite design to you.

Dr. Moriba Jah – Orbital Tracking & Collision Prevention

Well-known worldwide, Dr. Jah was the navigator on many NASA JPL Mars missions. His work today at the University of Texas at Austin is on space situational awareness—that we know what objects are in space and where they are going, so the chance of collisions is minimized—is understood as a need and executed as a requirement.

Dr. Laura Forczyk – “Rise of the Space Age Millennials” book

Besides running her space consultancy, Astralytical, Dr. Forczyk advises young people entering the space industry as a career. She brought together many such stories in her book, and shares her experience on being focused to become the person in the space role you desire.

Dr. Gordon Roesler – Robots In Space, past DARPA Program Manager

Dr. Roesler is tuned into the current developments of robotics in the space field. With his technical expertise and DARPA experience, he brings us up to date on The What and The How of advancements of using robots to assemble, repair and recover in-orbit satellites and other spacecraft.

Rick Ward – OrbitsEdge, Edge Computing In Low Earth Orbit

Capacity brings capability, and Rick Ward of OrbitsEdge knows that by bringing edge computing to orbit we’ll see improvements and impact we can barely imagine today. The idea of processing data in space, instead of having to send it all down through ground stations for terrestrial analysis, will give us new capabilities starting in in cislunar space.

Joseph Paris – Operational Excellence Society

Say, “operational excellence,” and you’ll probably conjure a vision of fast, efficient production. But for Joseph Paris operational excellence is much more than that—and when properly employed brings your space organization to a powerfully alert state of problem anticipation and solving.

Jason Kanigan – Cold Star Tech, Process Improvement

Factory manager at 25 and process engineer in many industries since the mid-90s, Jason Kanigan encourages you to resist the biggest pull towards failure: “But we’ve always done it this way.” The truth is that inertia, not compound interest, is the strongest force in the universe.



As of March 28 I’m very pleased to add Matthew Travis, CEO of Phoenix Launch Systems, as an additional speaker. Matt is an experienced business owner, and will speak on the challenges of running space startups—funding, cashflow, technical issues and more.


Registrants will also have access to our Resources page, which will have notes, presentations and papers not only from our speakers but from other interested parties who want to contribute. If you would like to submit an item to this page, please email jason at coldstartech dot com

NewSpace Hub, the global space industry resource and analytics tool, is partnering with us, and making a special NewSpace Pro offer to registrants.

Space Agenda dot com, an exciting hub for space events, is also partnering with us to promote this virtual conference.

You’ll likely see some new concepts, hear new ideas, and definitely meet new people. You should come away from the event having connected with individuals you wouldn’t have otherwise met, with a picture of the state of the space industry, and the concerns of the people in it.


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