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MSB Smallsat Course Special Offer

Smallsat Mission Success Course

The harsh truth is this: despite all the engineering talent deployed on small satellite projects, when you count up partial plus full mission failures, smallsats have a 40%+ mission failure rate. Engineering is not the problem. The root causes of the failures are in other areas…in subject matter engineers are not often taught about.

This course is designed to teach you and your staff what areas to look at before you start engineering, so that you have the best opportunity of producing a successful satellite mission. In video training, we show you four areas often overlooked in satellite development and manufacturing:

Root Areas To Correct In Smallsat Design & Manufacture

1 – Program Structure (defining sponsorship, scope, financial requirements, team structure, success criteria)

2 – Risk Analysis (controlling risk in design; assessment of analyses, tests, reviews, activities; inventory requirements)

3 – Test Selection and Scheduling (how important the schedule really is; essential testing types for hardware, software, deployables)

4 – Data Capture System (how to painlessly document processes; the key ways to lower the risk typically driven by launch schedule pressure.)

This course is a tax-deductible training expense. And when you consider the per-month cost of a single highly trained and skilled space organization employee veering off course, you’ll notice just how valuable what we’re teaching here is. It’ll get your people focused and on track…working on the right things necessary for smallsat mission success.

At just $5150 it’s a steal: we want you to have it. You and your team can refer to it again and again, in contrast to a one-time consultation visit that the knowledge from which could easily be lost. And we want your feedback on this course so we can keep improving its effectiveness for you.

The regular investment will be into five figures. But as an early adopter you can get it now at the highly reduced rate.

Content is being developed and will be “drip released” on the Thinkific platform. This gives you the chance to provide timely feedback that may well impact course content.

For access at this special rate, email hello@coldstartech dot com for availability

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