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MSB Virtual Conference 2

“Make Space Boring” Virtual Conference

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For students, founders, academics and engineers in the space industry

“Hi, I’m Jason Kanigan, the founder of Cold Star Tech…a process engineering and data science company, and producer of over 100 podcast episodes on space engineering, innovation and management. The 1:1 time we get to spend with creative thought leaders in our field should not be a victim of the health crisis currently concerning all of us.

“That led me to the commitment to host the ‘Make Space Boring’ Virtual Conferences.

“They are virtual, hosted on Zoom, featuring speakers who are shaping the future of the space industry. Each will speak for about 20 minutes, with a 10 minute Q&A afterward.

“This is your chance to hear and meet individuals, some with companies and some from academia, who are pursuing powerful transformational abilities in the space field. If you’re a student, hear the words of a Caltech space PhD candidate, who told me: ‘Conferences are often very specific to the research we are doing and tend to be mostly academia oriented. [Yours will] bring in the real life application prospective, and give insights into how the space industry works and how the space sector is shaped. I think this is a very important view to have for “research” people that tend sometimes to forget about the actual implementation and application.’

“If you’re a founder, academic or engineer…I keep hearing one thing over and over, no matter who I’m speaking with: ‘It’s so hard to keep up with all the developments in space.’ This is your chance to get a cool snapshot of the industry highlights. And you’ll be receiving this briefing from true professionals in the field.

“Check out the speaker lineup below…and join us if you’re as excited as I am. See you there!” -Jason


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Event Speakers

Dr. Marek Ziebart – The Impact of Megaconstellations

What’s going to happen as more satellite ‘mega-constellations’ are launched over the next 25 years? Simulating such launches, Dr. Marek Ziebart recently completed a study for the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. Discover the projected impact in a visceral way from this Professor of Space Geodesy at University College London.

Dr. Graham Lau – Places On Earth That Help Us Look for Alien Life

Dr. Lau is an astrobiologist and educator of the sciences. He also hosts the NASA-supported show “Ask an Astrobiologist”. Prior to his current role as the Director of Communications and Marketing at Blue Marble Space, Dr. Lau’s research work focused on using geochemistry and mineralogy in remote environments on Earth to explore life detection techniques in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Nicole Shumaker – Introduction to Lunar and Planetary Construction

Researchers are often so focused on their own projects that they don’t have the chance to learn what others are working on. Nicole Shumaker with Texas A&M connects research teams, organizations and funding opportunities to speed up development of lunar engineering and construction research.

Robert Whearty – “You Can Insure That?!” Managing Risk In the Satellite Insurance Industry

The satellite insurance field is upside-down at the moment. How did it get there and what could happen next? Bob worked as a satellite engineer for many years before moving into this key but not well-known area of the space business. You’ll get a primer on the pressures and indicators of the satellite insurance field.

Bryant Baker, JD – Exploring the Executive Order on Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources

Eager to be in Space, after becoming a space lawyer Bryant Baker entered the Air Force and became an Air Force JAG. The April 6th US Presidential Executive Order on space resources has some jumping for joy and others scratching their heads. Bryant will explain what the EO really does, why it matters, and what it means for the future of space law & policy.


Click here for the Event Agenda as a google document, so you can see what time your favorite speakers should be appearing (this is a draft document and subject to change).



Registrants will also have access to our Resources page, which will have notes, presentations and papers not only from our speakers but from other interested parties who want to contribute. If you would like to submit an item to this page, please email jason at coldstartech dot com

NewSpace Hub, the global space industry resource and analytics tool, is partnering with us, and making a special NewSpace Pro offer to registrants.

Space Agenda dot com, an exciting hub for space events, is also partnering with us to promote this virtual conference.

The Operational Excellence Society is a platform designed for executives and practitioner in the disciplines of Business Process Improvement (BPI), Continuous Improvement (CI) and Lean Six Sigma. Founder Joseph Paris was a speaker for the first Make Space Boring event.

Phoenix Launch Systems, OrbitEdge and Robots In Space are companies founded respectively by Matthew Travis, Rick Ward and Dr. Gordon Roesler, all speakers for the first MSB event.

You’ll likely see some new concepts, hear new ideas, and definitely meet new people. You should come away from the event having connected with individuals you wouldn’t have otherwise met, with a picture of the state of the space industry, and the concerns of the people in it.


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Join us on Thursday, May 7, 2020 from 1:00PM – 3:45PM EST

Attendee registration was $25.

The Conference is now over. However, you can get the 4-hour recording of the first MSB Event now as a Thinkific course, plus the Resources page, for Free: click here for access.

Info about the 1st event is here.

Past Attendee Testimonials

Ralph “Dinz” Dinsley, Executive Director, NORSS

Eldrige de Melo, Ground Station Operator

Amir Notea, Founder & CTO, Sim.Space

Alexander Wingeier, CIO, Miles Space

“In a time where companies will be trying to figure out what will come next in the conference and tradeshow space, Cold Star Technologies has stepped right in with their “Make Space Boring” Virtual Conference. Best part is, right out the gate, they seem to have already figured out what will work. I would highly recommend this new virtual conference. The production value was spot on, moderation was excellent, the speakers were diverse and well thought out and there was something for everyone at every interest level. Whether you are just a casual space industry observer or even more specialized, attend, you won’t be disappointed!”

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