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MSB1 Resources

Here are resources provided by speakers, partners and friends of the first and second Make Space Boring events…presented in no special order.

White Papers and Lectures

Dr. Jonathan McDowell, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics – The Low Earth Orbit Satellite Population and Impacts of the SpaceX Starlink Constellation

Dr. Jim Pass, Astrosociology Research Institute – Reference Library

GrowMars – ASCE – Earth and Space Conference – GrowMars Green Moon presentation

GrowMars – AMES presentation

GrowMars – ‘Combining Oxygen, Food, Manufacturing Material, and Energy Production that “Grows Bigger”‘ paper

GrowMars – GrowMars Architecture for a Farm In a Moon Village with ISRU – Raise with Karman startup flyer (fundraising for space startups wanting to prototype)

Gordon Roesler – A Robotic Space Station for the 2020s white paper

Julie Pradel, PhD Candidate, with Stetson Law – Do Laws Apply In Outer Space?

Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science – Past Lectures (this is a literal space TON of educational content)

Jason Aspiotis, Finsophy – National Space Development Corp. white paper (space finance)

MSB1 Event Presentations

Rick Fleeter conference presentation – Murphy Toppled In In Bloodless Coup Led By Unexpected Consequences! PDF

Joseph Paris conference presentation – Becoming The High Performance Organization PDF

Matthew Travis conference presentation – Challenges of Space Startups During Times of Crisis PDF

MSB2 Event Presentations

Marek Ziebart conference presentation – The Rise of the Mega-Constellations PPTX

Graham Lau conference presentation – Places On Earth That Help Us Look for Alien Life PDF

Bryant Baker conference presentation – Executive Order 13914 PDF

Nicole Shumaker conference presentation – An Introduction to Surface Lunar Engineering and Construction PDF

Robert Whearty conference presentation – “You Can Insure That?” PDF


Premium is the amount paid by the insured to the insurer(s) for the insurance. It is the cost of the insurance policy.

Capacity refers to the largest amount of insurance that a company or the market is able to write on a given risk. Capacity affects the availability and price (premium) of insurance. In general, as capacity increases the insured is able to obtain a better price (lower premium) and/or otherwise better terms such as better payment terms etc. as competition is increased.

Cold Star Project show and podcast

Cold Star Project show & podcast hosted by Jason Kanigan – Video versionAudio Only version


Astralytical – Rise of the Space Age Millennials book

NewSpace Hub – Free 7 Day Pro Trial

Cold Star Tech – Smallsat Mission Success Course

Space Insurance – Bob Whearty on LinkedIn

You can also click on the logos of our speakers & partners below… the OpEx Society site, for example, is a wealth of expertise.

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