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Process Engineering

The scary truth is that most companies don’t have anything written down. They have not documented the way they’re doing things…and their people are doing those tasks in a way taught to them years ago—probably by someone who is long gone from the organization.

Five decades of law enforcement training in reaction to major incidents has demonstrated that without good documentation:

  1. Your organization cannot learn
  2. The story of what happened will change over time.

As a result you may well find, as police departments and FBI have, the reactionary changes made to training and operations become pointless and the lessons you thought you learned are suddenly invalidated once the story changes…which has often happened after many years of blind implementation and repetition of so-called “improvement” methodology.

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Don’t let this wasteful mistake happen to you.

At Cold Star Tech, we have seen the painful results of failure to document processes and carefully gather data in many institutions. Let us work with you to ensure you have a truly learning organization that survives and thrives.

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