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Small Business Fraud Detection

Did you know there’s good evidence of a link between sexual harassment claims and that individual being likely of committing workplace fraud?

That’s not the only indicator…but it can be a strong one. If you’ve had an allegation or incident, you should check for internal fraud.

Our data scientists are skilled at identifying internal fraud incidents using data visualization techniques. The day role of our chief data scientist is at the top of one of the largest fraud detection organizations in the world.

And for organizations under 100 people, Cold Star Tech is the choice for fraud detection.

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We also use a proprietary software to comb your financial data for indications of embezzlement, corruption, expense reimbursement falsification and other internal white collar crime related to fraud.

In addition to these tools, we have forensic accountants available.

Large businesses, governments, or those seeking preventative indicator analysis such as healthcare organizations or loan providers will be referred to a trusted partner for assistance.

If you are a CFO, owner or director of a small business and suspect you have a internal fraud problem, or simply want to demonstrate propriety to stakeholders within and outside of your organization, then it’s time to speak with us at Cold Star Tech.

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