COLD STAR TECH The Installer of Processes & Systems for Space & Defense Companies
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What We Stand For

Building The O’Neill Future

At Cold Star Tech we stand for building the O’Neill future. This vision draws us forward, and we support that vision by installing business processes and systems for overwhelmed founders, presidents and CEOs of space and defense companies.

We want regular people going to space jobs, buying products made in space, and using space-based services the way we use public transit and terrestrial wifi today. We want investors putting billions of dollars into space companies the way they fund Software-as-a-Service firms now.

Cold Star Tech is a Promotional Partner with the America’s Future Series.

Actual Support and Solutions for Founders—Not Just Assessments

We recognize that as a founder you don’t want to give up ownership of your company. That you’re trying to grow but recognize you’re having trouble getting out of your own way. Do you have a list of things you know you need to do⏤maybe even have to do⏤but you know you don’t have the time to get around to them? Being aware you have these time and energy constraints is the signal that it’s time to talk to us.

Cold Star Tech grows space and defense businesses by installing processes and systems supporting:

  • SBIRs and OTAs requiring clarity of the path to commercialization when bridging TRL 3-7
  • Growing your space or defense business revenue and valuation without the fear of giving up ownership of your firm or intellectual property
  • Helping communicate your commercial value to the marketplace, investors and DoD customers
  • Development and implementation of commercial space logistics systems including human capital
  • Navigating ITAR and EAR in the sale of American products to European buyers.

what we stand for cold star tech values principles methods

We Install The Business Systems Required To Win

Cold Star Tech is the installer of the proven values, processes and systems necessary to make the shift that committed space businesses must complete to be financially successful and survive. We provide all the things you “don’t know you don’t know”. As a result, we will give you the massive benefits of saving you from years of struggle, heartache and ultimate failure⏤and the huge win of having a truly strong and profitable long term commercial business.

Commercial Business Strategy for Defense Contractors

If you’re a defense contractor CEO or President and deeply concerned about your reliance upon a single customer, we should speak. The products you already provide likely have untapped and lucrative civilian applications⏤but you won’t be able to access these with the values, mindset and approach that has worked with the government. If the surprise and excitement of this idea being available motivates you, book a call with us to discuss it.

At Cold Star Tech, the order in which things are done is paramount. Reassessing that order frequently leads to surprising improvements in productivity, inventory turns, financial events and more. Our aim is operational excellence in both ourselves and our clients. We stand for modularity, faster decision making, and effective strategy. Our ideal client is on a time-based critical mission, in a high compliance environment, and wants to be the best. You might be shocked at how rare that last one is⏤and if you share that desire, we need to speak.

Let us know where you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let’s see where Cold Star Tech can help. Set up an introductory call now to see if we’re a fit:

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